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Cone Calorimeter

The cone calorimeter is an internationally standardized fire testing equipment that follows a given protocol so that results between materials and products can be compared world-wide. A 1 dm2 sample is used to analyze the fire properties of a material. The result can be used to estimate the Euroclass of the material. This equipment is very useful for product development and for cost-effectively getting an idea of a material's flammability.

A chamber can also be used with the cone calorimeter to perform fire tests in an oxygen-reduced environment. Oxygen is consumed during fire tests and lower oxygen concentrations often occur in enclosed spaces, whereby the fire properties of the material change.  Reduced oxygen concentration is also used as fire protection  in switchboards, switchgear and in automatic high-bay warehouses.  With this chamber one can therefore get a good idea of how a specific material behaves in the event of fire at lower oxygen concentrations.

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