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WUI-NITY 4 project on wildfire evacuation modelling

– Published 19 February 2023

The division of Fire Safety Engineering is part of the WUI-NITY consortium, that has been awarded a new grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The WUI-NITY 4 project focuses on an integrated software platform that works to enhance life safety in case of wildland-urban interface (WUI) fires by simulating WUI evacuation scenarios. The WUI-NITY tool has been developed over several projects facilitated by the Fire Protection Research Foundation at NFPA with a team from Lund University, Imperial College London, NRC Canada, Movement Strategies/GHD, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. This fourth phase focuses on producing a tested, calibrated, and configurable model that can be used by stakeholders to assess wildfire evacuation performance in real-world situations. The main contact at the division of FSE for this project is Dr Enrico Ronchi.