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SVT visiting the Helsingborg Safety Hub

– Published 26 April 2024

Picture of two people, one from behind and one in profile.

The Swedish Television SVT has visited the new Helsingborg Safety Hub being established at Campus Helsingborg, thanks to a strategic grant by Lund University. This effort has the goal to approach a wide range of topics related to safety and security. It is led by Enrico Ronchi at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering, Carmelo D'Agostino from Transport and Roads and Giedre Gefenaite and Kristoffer Mattisson from the Faculty of Medicine.

Ongoing work includes the establishment of a Virtual Reality setup for research on fire safety and security, a driving simulator (which will be used in an ERC grant on traffic safety received by Dr D'Agostino) and advanced database analysis and GIS-based methods to study perceived safety.

You can learn more about the Helsingborg Safety Hub through SVT.